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With Blueguppie IT, you can rest assured your hosted infrastructure will be protected. We give it our all even if you only hire us for one project. In order to provide a high-quality experience, we listen to our clients. We take on their problems and find a solution that fits; we then refine it to ensure optimal operation. We feel our services are cost effective and allow our customers to grow without draining their IT budget. Here's what we offer (unless otherwise stated, pricing components are listed further below):

  1. Infrastructure Consulting - Basically, we provide the skills and experience of a SysAdmin. Instead of hiring one full-time, work with us by the hour. We also have contractual options available if you need full-time services. See what we're about and give us a shout if you think we might be able to help.
  2. After-hours Infrastructure Consulting - Same as above; incurs a 10% fee.
  3. Infrastructure Security Consulting - Penetration and security testing of applications, services, and systems. This service has a unique charge of $80/hr per test subject with a 4 hour minimum.
  4. Unlisted - If there's something we haven't listed but you think we can help with, give us a shout.


We have designed our services so that we can support infrastructures of most sizes. As such, there are two factors that go into determining the cost of our services for your organization: Infrastructure Tier and Infrastructure Size. Here's how things are broken down.



This is determined based on where your hosted infrastructure is located. For example, do you host at your office, with a co-location or IaaS provider?


This is determined based on how many systems you need built, managed, and/or maintained.


Cost: $25/hr
Providers: Mid-level IaaS Providers such as Rackspace, Linode, Digital Ocean, or Amazon Lightsail


Cost: $25/hr
Size: 1 - 50 servers


Cost: $35/hr
Providers: On-prem. or white-label IaaS Providers


Cost: $40/hr
Size: 51 - 100 servers


Cost: $45/hr
Providers: Big Infrastructure like AWS or Azure


Cost: $50/hr
Size: 101 - 125 servers

Once your Infrastructure Tier and Size have been determined, we add them together for the total hourly cost. For example, a T2 + S1 would equal $60/hr. If your infrastructure size is not listed (i.e. greater than 125 servers), it would be classified as an S4. The current rate for an S4 is $60/hr. However, we encourage you to contact us directly. We might be able to work out a custom rate based on your needs and total size.

If working with Blueguppie IT on an hourly basis doesn't fit your needs, please contact us as we have contract options available, too.

We are proud of our work.

We take pride in everything we do. Taking ownership of the problem is what makes us so effective. This results in high-quality service, every time.