About Blueguppie IT (BIT)

Hey there folks! We're your friendly neighborhood SysAdmins that specialize in managing hosted infrastructure. We keep things secure and running. Behind us we've got 19 years of experience in the IT Industry. We specialize in Linux servers (CentOS, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu) and a wide range of hosted services. It's hard to find and retain expert talent to keep the lights on. Let us deal with that and ensure proper management of your hosted infrastructure. If you already have a team and simply need assistance, we can do that, too.

With Blueguppie IT, you can rest assured your hosted infrastructure will be protected. We give it our all even if you only hire us for one project. In order to provide a high-quality experience, we listen to our clients. We take on their problems and find a solution that fits; we then refine it to ensure optimal operation. Here's some more insight on how we approach every problem to make that happen.


We sit down with you and listen to your problem. We note your goal and requirements. We ask questions and make sure we fully understand the scope of the issue.


We take the information gleaned from our discussion with you and begin sketching out a solution.

Crash Test

After proper research, we begin testing our ideas in a lab environment. We try to ensure that our labs mirror your production systems.


Once tests pass, we give the solution a final review to ensure optimal performance. We develop implementation and back-out processes and keep detailed notes so that documentation can be presented to you as a beautiful PDF for future reference.

We love to do what we're good at.

We know our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills. Most Importantly, we stay focused. Problem solving is our game and we'd love the opportunity to help you. Here's a list of the things we love.


Encryption (openssl, gnupg aka gpg, etc.), SELinux (System security policies), Network (iptables, firewalld), Intrusion Protection Systems (fail2ban), Network Penetration Testing, Application Security Testing


Kernel tuning, memory management, web application (ruby, python, php), database (mysql, mariadb, postgresql), network, web server (apache, nginx)


Load balancing (nginx, memcached, haproxy+mysqld, pg_pool+postgresql), Clustering (heartbeat, ucarp), High-availability, Custom RPMs for clean and consistent delivery of back-ported or custom-built software


Backup (system, application, and database), Disaster Recovery, Fail-over (ucarp, heartbeat), Database Replication (mysql, postgresql)


Moving from one provider to another (i.e. Linode to Rackspace)


Postfix, Sendmail, Bind, PowerDNS, Spam Assassin, DKIM


Scheduled Jobs (cron), Scripts, SysAdmin Utilities


Configuration management (ansible), nagios, nagiosql, cacti


We are familiar with popular compliance frameworks: PCI DSS, SOC2, ISO 27001


CentOS, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu

We are proud of our work.

We take pride in everything we do. Taking ownership of the problem is what makes us so effective. This results in high-quality service, every time.